HBX by Jovan & Djole

Hope Box is a mobile art project initiating collective art activity all over the world.

Hope Box advocates art as a force to empower people and especially the youth,  

to explore their possibilities and to inspire and encourage all. 


Following a long and strong tradition of art and community activism, a team of Hope Box Angels wings around the world exploring borders, and making art and friends. Enthusiasm and strong local reaction to their projects inspires the HBX angels to injecting positive imagery and conscious collaborations again and again.


Created in 1991 by artist Rienke Enghardt, Hope Box aims to employ art in a manner faithful to the diversity of all forms of realism. While it began as a single project, Hope Box has grown into a method, a process that hundreds of artists from dozens of countries have participated to which involves travel, performance and a hunger for communication. The collective noun, naming the sum of many of her projects, Hope Box, is to its artists, what it is to its observers: a non-exclusive, open-faced interaction. Hope Box Angels hold a variety of passports and are in constant motion, not satisfied with virtual information, but in need of sensual and social phenomenological input.


“Hope Box grew into what it is now. Its seed was planted more than two decades ago. I wish it to be pure and true, big and warm something that faces reality, takes action and at the same time reminds people of the beauty of the world, the good things in life. A collective effort to present a more complete image of reality in our works of art to make life more colourful, just and positive.”     Rienke